Medicine delivery, redefined.

The MIMIX patch delivers medicines and vaccines through silk microneedles that dissolve at a precise rate, releasing their treatment at its most effective dose for the most effective length of time.

For many treatments, MIMIX is placed on the skin for only a few minutes,yet the system continues to deliver the active ingredient for anywhere from days to weeks.

More effective medications start with MIMIX.

The MIMIX platform dramatically improves efficacy of products across a broad range of therapeutic areas by “mimicking” the prolonged exposure period that occurs during a natural infection. This prolonged exposure triggers a natural immune response, one that is slow, strong, and enduring.

The MIMIX sustained delivery platform is so effective that the patch leads to immune responses to influenza strains not included in the vaccine. Such a response has never been seen with traditional injectable flu vaccines.

The power of Silk.

Strong, stable, and biocompatible, silk fibroin—an essential structural protein in silk—is an optimal building block for constructing advanced biomaterials. At Vaxess, we can tune the characteristics of silk fibroin to provide the most effective qualities for medicine and vaccine delivery.

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