Stabilization Of Biocompounds

The Problem of Instability

Many therapeutic and diagnostic products suffer from problems of instability of biological compounds under conditions such as high or ambient temperatures. For example, due to the instability of vaccine antigens, nearly all vaccine products currently must be stored and transported under refrigerated or frozen conditions at all times. Any break in this cold chain threatens the viability of the product and the health outcome for patients.

As a result, the need to build and scale cold chain logistics remains an important constraint on efforts to extend the reach of vaccine and other healthcare product supply chains, particularly in remote and developing regions.

“The need to build and scale cold chain logistics remains an important constraint on healthcare supply chains.”

Vaxess Stabilization Platform

At Vaxess, we extract the key structural component of silk,
a protein called fibroin, from natural fibers. Vaxess’s proprietary stabilization technology is based on the ability of silk matrices to encapsulate biological compounds and protect them from degradation due to thermal and other stresses.

By incorporating silk fibroin biomaterials with compound formulations, Vaxess can develop more resilient products in a variety of presentation formats.

The resulting products can be reconstituted and administered in the same fashion as current products, introducing little change to current methods of healthcare delivery.

In this way, we aim to completely disrupt current systems of cold chain distribution while providing minimal disruption to the experiences of the healthcare provider and patient.