Silk Fibroin

Vaxess’s cutting-edge biomaterials technologies are based on an ancient material–silk. Used in textiles for millennia, silk has long been prized for its unique properties.

Optimized by Nature

At Vaxess, we extract the key structural component of silk, a protein called fibroin, from natural fibers.

Strong, stable, and biocompatible, silk fibroin is an optimal building block for constructing advanced biomaterials.

The Power of Silk

Gentle extraction and re-engineering processes allows sensitive biological compounds to be readily incorporated with silk fibroin biomaterials.

Our core technologies take advantage of the unique structural and functional properties of these combination biomaterials to develop improved therapeutic and diagnostic products.

The Protective Microenvironment of Silk Protein

At Vaxess, we can tune the properties of silk fibroin to achieve the most effective delivery profiles of various medicines and vaccines. Silk fibroin is also inherently stable, simplifying the shipping and storage of sensitive treatments and protecting sensitive compounds during extended release at body temperature.

Watch the TED Talk by Vaxess' Co-Founder:
Watch the TED Talk by Vaxess' Scientific Co-Founder: