MIMIX™ Oncology:

Activating the body’s own immune system to fight cancer

MIMIX™ Therapies Enable New Treatment Approaches for a Wide Range of Cancers

MIMIX ™ targets cancers that develop in or have spread to the skin. We are starting our work with skin and oral cancers, then focusing on breast cancer and beyond.

The Promise of MIMIX™ Oncology

MIMIX™ oncology therapies have the potential to provide a range of benefits for people with cancer including:

  • Long-term cancer immunity
  • Clearance of distant tumors
  • Decreased side effects
  • More effective combination approaches enabled by lowering toxicity profiles
  • Increased treatment tolerability
  • Minimally invasive
  • Decreased treatment burden for patients
  • Sustained delivery of molecules unstable at body temperature

The Therapeutic
Experience, Redefined

With just minutes of wear-time, MIMIX™ enables sustained release of treatments in the skin over minutes to months.

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How It Works

Apply to skin, wait a few minutes for tips to embed, remove patch, and dispose of applicator and patch.