MIMIX™ Infectious Disease: Making Vaccines Radically More Effective and Accessible

Infection Mimicry Drives Quantity and Quality of Immune Response

Vaxess preclinical data show sustained release improves vaccine efficacy by “mimicking” the prolonged exposure period that occurs during a natural infection. This prolonged exposure triggers a natural immune response, one that is strong, and enduring.

Vaxess showed sustained influenza vaccine delivery is so effective that it leads to immune responses to strains not included in the vaccine. This overcomes the biggest challenge with the influenza virus, its ability to mutate and evade immune responses generated by traditional vaccines.

The Therapeutic
Experience, Redefined

With just minutes of wear-time, MIMIX™ enables sustained release of treatments in the skin over minutes to months.


Redefining Home Healthcare

Engineered for stability, MIMIX™ therapies do not require refrigeration and can be ordered, shipped, and applied at home. The virtually painless patch is applied with a preloaded applicator and removed after a few minutes; no sharps bin required. Meanwhile, therapy continues to be delivered by the tips embedded in the skin.