July 12, 2012

Along the Silk Road: Improving Vaccine Storage

“Who would guess that silkworm cocoons – the raw material for silk thread – could replace vaccine refrigeration transit? This innovative application of a ‘natural’ product is an emerging reality, thanks to Vaxess Technologies, a Cambridge-based biotech company founded by four Harvard students and launched in 2011 with seed grants from the Harvard Global Health Institute (HGHI) and the Harvard University President’s Challenge for social entrepreneurship. Vaxess is cofounded by Michael Schrader, MBA ’12, Kennedy School student Livio Valenti, MPP ’13, Kathryn Kosuda, a former Harvard postdoctoral fellow in chemistry, and Patrick Ho, JD ’12. The Vaxess team, which has received mentoring and support from various Harvard faculty as well as Tufts University Professors Fiorenzo Omenetto and David Kaplan, hopes to leverage the silk-based technology to change the way vaccines are stored and distributed around the world…”

Harvard Global Health Institute